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2013-01-01 12:23 am

Well thank God for dreamwidth

Cuz LJ is not working tonight.

Happy New Year. I am ambivalent about the last year, and mediocre about the future. This is my problem of course, not yours.
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2013-01-01 01:26 pm

Blocked my brother's cell phone

Apparently my sister gave him my cell number, which is something I keep very secret for the most part. He wants my dad's death certificate so he can apply for the mortgage refund that he doesn't deserve. I think he plans on sharing with my sister, thus the breech. That and she isn't talking to me anyway.

I am sending him a note in the mail telling him it costs $20 from the register of deeds. If he doesn't like that (and he won't, he'll start screaming he doesn't have the money) he can kiss my ass.